Beautiful Henna Crowns Bring Confidence And Joy To Women Experiencing Hair Loss

Beautiful Henna Crowns Bring Confidence And Joy To Women Experiencing Hair Loss

One organization is using all-natural ingredients and artistry to help women coping with hair loss.

Henna Heals was started by Canadian photographer Frances Darwin in 2011 as a small group of volunteers in Toronto, and has since grown to a community of 150 artists worldwide. Those artists use safe, temporary dyes to paint intricate designs on their clients' heads -- after about two weeks, the henna designs fade away.

The organization offers professional henna "crowns" and photography services as a way to empower and heal people experiencing hair loss, and to help them feel beautiful and confident.

"For me, Henna Heals is a passion project," Darwin told The Huffington Post in an email. "I strongly believe in the power of art."

Many of the women who use Henna Heals, including all those pictured below, have alopecia, a non-life-threatening, autoimmune disease that results in partial or total hair loss. Some other women who use the service are experiencing hair loss as a result of chemotherapy treatments.

"This now is just one more empowering move, really, to just sort of become comfortable with who we are," Karen McKinney, who got a henna crown with her daughter, says in the YouTube video above.

"The application of the henna felt very therapeutic, not unlike having a massage," Jana Buhlmann, a Henna Heals client, told HuffPost. "My sense of self was very strong afterward: I was compelled to take selfies until the stain faded."

Check out the beautiful henna crowns in the images below:

Alopecia Patients Overcome Their Hair Loss With Beautiful Henna Crowns

For more information about Henna Heals, check out their Facebook page and Twitter.

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