Henrik Lundqvist Stars In New 'SportsCenter' Commercial With Swedish Chef (VIDEO)

As a member of the gold medal-winning Swedish national hockey team in 2006, New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist is as known for his heritage as he is for his award-winning netminding.

In ESPN's latest "SportsCenter" commercial, Lundqvist steps out from between the pipes to star alongside a fuzzy and familiar countryman when the Swedish Chef from the Muppets joins the ranks of the Bristol cafeteria. Unfortunately for the lovable Muppet, his culinary exploits are wasted on a monolingual Steve Levy.

The 2012 Vezina Award Winner tipped off his fans via Twitter that he would be filming a commercial for "SportsCenter" last September. Now that that the NHL season has officially begun, it seemed only fitting that the network would air his on-screen debut days before.

According to sportscaster John Buccigross, Lundqvist will star in two commercials for ESPN, with the second to air sometime before the 2013 NHL Playoffs.

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