Museum Walls Sprout Giant Wooden Knot That Cannot Be Untangled (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Somewhere between a fairy tale beanstalk and a botanical oddity lands "Baitogogo," an oversized knotted growth constructed by Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira.

"Baitogogo" takes the shape of a Gordion Knot, meaning the wooded network is physically impossible to disentangle by hand. The crisp white pillars of Paris' Palais de Tokyo erode into wooden forms that coil and snag beyond recognition. The white-walled gallery is transformed from a tabula rosa into a forest playground in what the museum calls an act of "architectural anthropomorphism." The work riffs on the bland associations with museum walls, aligning them instead with the dense and dangerous depths of the wild.

Patterns of unruly vegetation combine with images of neural pathways, medical outgrowths and other "uncontrollable networks" to achieve the final form. As the museum states, the conjured images represent "logic that Man can no longer suppress"-- although he may be tempted to climb on it.

See the making of the horticultural beast above and see some of our favorite still shots below. Let us know if you'd like to go Tarzan on this museum installation in the comments.