Henry Cavill And Kaley Cuoco Dating? (REPORT)

She might not be Lois Lane, but it's looking like that won't stop her from being this Man of Steel's main love interest. That's right -- sources have revealed to Us Weekly that Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill are dating and apparently "totally hot for each other." And while the 30-year-old actor recently ended his almost year-long relationship with actress Gina Carano just over a month ago, insiders note that he is "a massive 'Big Bang Theory' fan" and "has always wanted to date" the TV show's leading lady.

Cuoco, on the other hand, recently split from musician Bret Bollinger and opted to display her newfound affection a bit more publicly. On June 14, the 27-year-old actress tweeted a photo of herself adoringly seated beside a "Man of Steel" movie poster with a caption describing the Superman flick as "fantastic in every single way."

The two are reportedly trying to keep the romance under wraps for now. A request for comment from The Huffington Post was not immediately answered.



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