He's Not Bond Yet, But Henry Golding Is Making The Leap To Action Hero

The "Crazy Rich Asians" star has been tapped to star in the G.I. Joe spinoff "Snake Eyes."

Hollywood, do us a simple favor and continue casting Henry Golding in everything.

After making anybody with a pulse swoon over him in “Crazy Rich Asians,” Golding is set to make his first foray into the action genre with the G.I. Joe spinoff “Snake Eyes,” multiple outlets report.

The 32-year-old actor, who worked as a hairstylist and travel presenter before his breakout role in the Jon Chu-directed rom-com, will star as the titular mute ninja commando in the film helmed by “Divergent” director Robert Schwentke.

The fan-favorite character has been a mainstay in the G.I. Joe franchise and was previously played by Ray Park in 2009’s tepidly received but commercially successful “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” and its 2013 sequel “G.I Joe: Retaliation.”

In previous iterations, the black-clad Snake Eyes never revealed his face or uttered a word, which seems a waste of Golding’s on-screen charisma, but we’re keeping our minds open.

The spinoff, which will be penned by “Beauty and the Beast” screenwriter Evan Spiliotopoulos, will reportedly find the mercenary “seeking revenge for his father’s death by joining a ninja clan, in the process finding acceptance,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The in-demand actor is keeping busy with his next leading role in the holiday rom-com “Last Christmas,” starring Emilia Clarke in her first post-“Game of Thrones” gig.

Golding will also be seen in the upcoming Guy Ritchie crime thriller “The Gentlemen” and is expected to reprise his character in the two planned “Crazy Rich Asians” sequels currently in development based on the novel’s follow-ups.

And if the English actor looks as good in an action movie as he does in a tuxedo, maybe the internet will get its wish and make Golding the next James Bond.