Henry Golding's Old Showreel Is So Endearingly Nerdy

"You’ve destroyed my street cred,” the actor joked on "The Tonight Show."

Oh, how far he’s come!

Henry Golding appeared on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” this week to promote his upcoming movie “Last Christmas.” But the “Crazy Rich Asians” star got a big surprise when Fallon managed to dig up his old showreel.

It’s gold[ing].

“I’m crying. I’m literally crying. You’ve destroyed my street cred,” the actor told Fallon. 

Golding explained that he and his friend had created the reel when he was hustling to become a TV travel host.

While the clip itself isn’t the actor’s best work, he did eventually land a gig as the face of the BBC’s “The Travel Show,” where he worked for years. “Crazy Rich Asians” actually marked Golding’s very first acting job.

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