Little Boy Dissolves Into Tears Over The State Of The Environment

"The planet is just going to be wrecked."

Six-year-old Henry Marr had an emotional breakdown over the state of the environment, and his mother got it all on tape. 

After watching a video in school of a bird eating trash, Henry's emotions got the best of him, and he let it all out when his mom picked him up later that day. In a Facebook video that went viral, the teary-eyed boy condemned environmental degradation and hit back at people who litter. 

"The planet is just going to be wrecked. People are just being rude to it. They throw trash on the ground. They cut down trees. They make forests into ... roads," he cried as he sat in his car seat. "They are just being so bad. I could just call them dumb people or maybe even a bad word, the 'S' word." 

While sitting in a car that appeared to be parked, he also urged citizens to do their part and consider their impact on the environment. 

"They need to think about what they are doing and what they are doing to the planet and what they are doing to animals," he said. 

Henry has already started making a difference in his community by patrolling Little Mountain Park near his home in Mount Vernon, Washington, for trash. He even has a Facebook page, aptly named "Henry the Emotional Environmentalist," which is dedicated to his passion for keeping the planet clean.

Watch Henry's emotional plea in the video above.



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