Why Actor Henry Rollins Thinks Donald Trump 'Is A Lot Like Bernie Sanders'

They may sit on opposite sides of the political spectrum, but the candidates share at least one similar trait.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders may not agree on much politically, but actor and musician Henry Rollins sees at least one similarity between the two. 

Rollins, who sat down with HuffPost Live on Tuesday to discuss his new film, "He Never Died," said Sanders mirrors Trump with his straightforward, sincere demeanor.

I think that [now] a lot of people are like, "You know what? [Trump] looks a little funny with the hair and whatever, but he at least sounds like a straight shooter." And in a way, he's a lot like Bernie Sanders. I believe that guy speaks his mind. I've always liked Bernie Sanders. I'm not the biggest fan of Donald Trump; however, I do think he says what's on his mind.

Rollins also weighed in on why The Donald has been able to so easily commandeer the political spotlight, which he attributes to America's disillusion with Washington politics.

"I think a lot of Americans are kind of done with Washington, hence the success of the tea party, hence the success of Donald Trump ... Many years ago, someone like that would have just been laughed off the stage." he said.

Rollins added that Trump stands out among other candidates, who have gained a reputation for political caution, calculated messaging and perceived inauthenticity.

"In a way, he makes all those people sound like that's all they do, like they're never real," he said.

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