Henry Waxman, California Congressman, To Retire

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) will retire from Congress at the end of this session, the Washington Post and Politico report.

“Forty years have gone by very quickly. I have a great deal of satisfaction in our legislative accomplishments. There’s obviously more to be done,” Waxman told the Washington Post. “But I’m in good health, and my family is in good health. This is a good time to move on and have another chapter if I am to do anything after Congress.”

Waxman, who has served 20 terms in the House of Representatives and is a close confidant of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), told Politico he's sure he could win another election but feels a new face on the Hill is in order.

“I think it’s time to let somebody else come in and take on some of these fights," he said.

Waxman seemed confident his seat would stay in Democratic hands.

I think that the Republicans have nothing to offer. They’re against everything," Waxman said. "They’re against everything Obama wanted. They have no alternatives on health care policy. They have nothing to say, they have nothing to offer.”

Below, more from the AP:

Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman, a congressional force on clean air and expansion of Medicaid during his 20 terms, has decided to retire.

In a statement Thursday, the California lawmaker said he would not seek another term. In reflecting on his 40 years in the House, Waxman said he was filled with gratitude for the memories.

Waxman pushed for investigations into the tobacco industry and was instrumental in getting President Barack Obama's health care overhaul completed.

Elected in 1974, he is one of the last of the post-Watergate class.

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