Henry Winkler Busts Out Strenuous Fonzie Dance On 'Tonight Show'

The recent first-time Emmy winner turned back the clock before he sat down with host Jimmy Fallon.

Henry Winkler gave “Happy Days” fans what they wanted before he even sat down to his interview on “The Tonight Show” Tuesday.

As the band struck up “Hava Nagila,” the 73-year-old Winkler busted out his moves from a dance he famously did as the Fonz on “Happy Days” decades ago.

The moves are pretty strenuous, but heyyyyyyy, he’s the Fonz, aka Fonzie, aka Arthur Fonzarelli. The leather-jacketed ladies’ man became a popular character on the 1974-84 comedy series originally set in the 1950s.

Winkler was perhaps feeling light on his feet because of his recent breakthrough as a first-time Emmy winner for “Barry.” But he’ll forever be the Fonz.

Watch Winkler turn back the clock and cut a rug above. And if you need your memory jogged about the dance, here it is on an old “Happy Days” episode: