Herding Cattle Into the Seductive Depravity of Hollywood's Great Karmic Corral (part 1 of 2)

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I love movies and see almost everything that comes out from Hollywood (with the exception of horror and vulgar films), Foreign filmmakers and the Documentary world. A few years ago, I marveled at the frame perfect film "The Intouchables." This French film was about the heart-warming relationship between an uber wealthy quadriplegic man and the unexpected friendship between both he and his unpolished and demonstratively authentic inner city caretaker. The film, made for some 7 million euros, made over $400 million dollars.

Recently I was in the mood for a laugh and I made the mistake of going to see the film "Neighbors 2." The first film was about bumbling newly wed parents who rivaled to establish peace and quiet with a rowdy and wild fraternity group who lived next door. Some of the pranks between the parents and fraternity were funny.

Version 2 of the film found that the same bumbling parents (played by Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne) now with a young child of about two. The story setup was that they now wanted to sell their home and move. Shortly, after finding a perspective buyer and accepting their offer a wild sorority moved next door and threatened the sell of their home.

In one of the opening scenes of the film the couple are making love with the wife on top of the husband. A fart is heard from the wife, followed by burping and the husband asking if she had eaten crab for lunch, inferring that she had prior issues with this food. Lovemaking continues and ultimately she vomits into the face of her husband. Rogan then admits to her that he had an orgasm at this moment. Jungian me out here.
The morning thereafter, the depraved parents joke at the site of their two-year-old daughter who has found and is playing with her mother's dildo. Several similar scenes followed and eventually the daughter was allowed to dress the dildo up as a doll and carry it with her.

The featured actress and antagonist of the film, played by Chloë Grace Moretz, played the roll of a pot smoking college party girl. In a scene where she and two other girls discussed the possibility of starting a sorority, they shared stories about their life, and Chloe admitted, that she had done about everything... with the exception of "having her ass...ole eaten out." Yes, they actually used these words.

The sorority is formed and parties continue to disturb the sleep of parents so they seek the help of Chloe's father, played by Kelsey Grammer. After the father unsuccessfully attempts to discourage his daughter from the disruptive behavior he admits his failure to the parents. In this scene Kelsey sees the parents with their little girl who holds her doll dildo. Kelsey upon seeing her he asks the parents 'is that a doll dildo'? They respond yes and Kelsey immediately asks if he can hold the little girl. The parents react with a disgusting, No. Jungian me out here again.

Chloe, who later finds out that the parents asked her father to have an intervening talk with her, then declares a reactive war on the perverted parents. Shortly thereafter, the parents hear something continually spattering up against the windowpanes of their home. They withdraw the curtains to find that all of the next-door sorority girls are throwing /slingshoting their blood covered kotexes at their neighbors house. The perturbed mother drew attention to her husband about an open window in their house and that results in their little girl finding and now playing with a dirty kotex.

I left the film at this juncture, found the manager, explained my extreme disgust and demanded my money back. He said "I guess it wasn't your thing." I replied, "this filth shouldn't be anyone's thing." I was the only one that walked out of the film.

I recall a few years ago I saw the 2010 film "Hot Tub Time Machine"...mostly because I've really admired the films of John Cusack. As people entered I saw numerous young children (boys and girls) accompanied by their parents. As the film opened I felt greatly embarrassment by the vulgarity and constant stream of curse words of the script, written and produced by adults. As the film progressed there was a full and total frontal nudity scene of the African American actor who displayed his large penis. Not one parent walked out of the film with their child. I was shocked, revolted and walked out of the film.

In the 2014 film, "Kingsman, The Secret Service", an interesting James Bond like film, a young man (played by Taron Egerton) was enrolled to become secret agent, as once his father had been. Later he would battle a megalomaniac billionaire, played by Samuel Jackson, whose plan was to use his financial and technological might to commit planetary genocide (through a cell phone that transmitted frequency that caused people to psychopathically kill one another) and thus reduce the world population, he had deemed a virus that was dangerous to the earth's natural order. Research the Georgia Guidestones and figure this out.

As this well made, produced and acted film progressed, the young secret agent, Taron, while in the process of defeating Jackson, discovered a beautiful princess who had been imprisoned by the evil billionaire. She was one of the few who had refused to go along with his sadistic plan.

So hearing the battle that was occurring in the hallway prison the princess calls out to Taron to free her. He comes to her door and opens the feeding window and sees her beauty. She pleads for him to free her. He explains he's in the middle of trying to save the world and that if he does "could he come back, free her and have a kiss." She explains that if he successful she'll give him more than that and literally states that she'll let him do her in the "ass...ole" as a prize. I was shocked...a ruinous line that I would have hoped stood out like a sore thumb. No one in the audience appeared to flinch at this.

And now, for plethora of Horror films that feature the torture of others for the purposes of entertainment or as it is called in German 'Schadenfreude', a word meaning to "take pleasure from another's suffering.' This term should be part of the textbook definition of being a 'psychopath.' Words can do little to describe the utter depravity and monstrous cruelty of what Hollywood produces and exposes our children to. (continued in part 2)