Here Are All The Countries That Have Already Elected Women Leaders

Who run the world?
Our first female president?
Our first female president?

Congratulations, America!

It only took 228 years for a woman to represent a major political party in the run for president. The jury is, of course, still out on whether Hillary Clinton will ultimately beat human garbage fire Donald Trump to the White House.

But all over the world, women have actually been in charge for decades. In 1960, Sri Lanka's Sirimavo Bandaranaike became the first female Prime Minister, and as recently as last month, Taiwan celebrated the inauguration of Tsai Ing-wen, the country's first female president (who was, perhaps unsurprisingly, shamed for being "emotional," and "complicated"). 

The timeline below shows the many women who have shattered the highest glass ceiling there is by becoming the heads of their respective states. 

Here's to adding ourselves on the list come November! 

**Note: This timeline seeks to be a comprehensive chronology of women who first held the office of prime minister or president, but there are some cases in which women briefly became acting or interim leaders that have been excluded. Also excluded are cases involving honorary titles or leaders who held power in entities not recognized as a nation state by the United Nations.