Here Are Some 'Almost Acceptable' Catcalls

"Don’t break my heart, break that glass ceiling."

“You look smart, you probably have a master’s degree in Science.”

“My mom’s gonna love you.” 

“I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.”

These are just a few of the "almost acceptable" catcalls comedian Sue Smith suggests in a new video by the Internet Action Force. With almost 99 percent of women experiencing street harassment in their lifetimes, it's no secret that cat-calling dudes really need to reevaluate what they say to women on the street. 

In the parody video, Smith suggests some hilarious (and awesome) alternative things to say to women instead of the usual whistle or creepy whisper street harassment.

A few of our favorites include: "Don’t break my heart, break that glass ceiling," and “I want to include you in my fantasy football league.”

And if none of these alternatives float the everyday catcaller's boat, Smith has another suggestion we can get on board with. “Of course if all those words were just gibberish, then just shut the f**k up and stop yelling at women, OK?”

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