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The Best And Worst Celebrity Product Lines This Fall, Ranked

All hail Christian Siriano.

Every time we turn around, another celebrity is breaking into the fashion or beauty scene.

Some of them are pretty damn boss. Others? Not so much.

We’ve rounded up a bunch of the newest stuff celebrities are hawking these days, ranking them from worst to best.

So, this cardigan is a pretty bold piece of Americana. The collection as a whole sort of looks like “Barbie Does Labor Day Weekend,” with Gigi as Barbie. But just imagine rolling into your office with this on, and knowing you spent $360 on it.

This is a giant white T-shirt. That’s all this is. Where’s the Rihanna drama? Where’s the sex appeal? We could go to the local Walgreens and buy 3 giant Hanes T-Shirts for an eighth of the price! #LongLiveHanes

We appreciate the peach emoji and use it often, but to wear it? TOO FAR, KIM. Too far. Especially when it’s got some weird discoloration ― what’s that white part, Kim? What is that???

We’re down with the classic cut of this bag and the fact that it comes in #millennialpink, but it’s pretty basic for the cost. We probably wouldn’t buy it for ourselves, but we’d happily accept it as a gift, if anyone wants to buy us one.

This is a decent bronzer with an incredibly soft texture and solid pigment. It also comes in chic packaging ― seriously, it’s very reminiscent of Tom Ford’s line. It makes us feel like we could maybe be as classy as Vic, but it comes at a price.

Reasonably priced, fashionable, comfortable, and the closest we’ll likely ever get to being something like Beyoncé. Are we sold? We’re sold.

We know, we know ― hear us out on this one. These kits, along with her infamous lip kits, are actually legit. They come with a brush, a pot of creme gel liner, and a pencil liner. They’re also incredibly long-lasting. We’re talking all-day-all-night wear. Damn, Kylie. You’ve got us hooked.

YES HONEY! This skirt is EVERYTHING. On trend, fab for curvy bodies, and in a price range that isn’t going to murder your bank account ― have we died and gone to heaven? Hail Christian!

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