Here Are The Most Annoying Questions That People Ask Bisexuals

"Bisexuality is not what you do -- it's how you understand yourself."

Bisexuality comes under constant scrutiny from both within and outside of the queer community. Bisexuals are often made to feel invisible or erased by people who claim that their sexuality isn't real, or told it's "greedy" or hear that someone identifying as such should "pick a side." 

But bisexuality is an unequivocally legitimate way for a person to identify.

In honor of LGBT History Month, HuffPost Live paired producer Alex Berg with activist Robyn Ochs for a conversation about the most annoying statements and questions that bisexuals constantly hear. That chat, they hope, will help others understand some of the stigma surrounding bisexuality. 

"Most of my work is traveling around the country working with college students," Ochs told HuffPost Live. "I often ask them to generate a list of things that they've heard, and the list is long and annoying. Everything from 'You don't exist' to 'There's no such thing as bisexuality' to 'Everyone is really bisexual' to all of the things like 'Pick a side, make up your mind,' 'You're not real, how do you know if you're really bisexual if you've never done X, Y or Z.'"

She added, "Bisexuality is not what you do -- it's how you understand yourself."

Check out the segment above to hear more or head here to watch the segment in full.

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