Here Come The Brides: Kristen Henderson And Sarah Ellis Marry -- Part 3 (VIDEO)

Today we bring you Part 3 (above) of "Here Come the Brides," our original video series following New York couple Sarah Ellis, a magazine marketing executive, and Kristen Henderson, a founding member of the band Antigone Rising, as they finally plan the wedding they dreamed of for years. (Watch Part 1 to hear how they met and Part 2 to see how motherhood played into their desire to marry).

As Sarah and Kristen mention in the video above, they were devastated in 2009 when the New York Senate voted down a bill that would allow LGBT individuals to marry. But at that point they had two wonderful distractions: simultaneous pregnancies and then all of the joys and sleepless nights involved in raising two infants.

By the time their babies, Kate and Thomas, were 2 years old, and Kristen and Sarah were able to refocus on their desire to wed, the New York State legislature was once again considering a bill that would legalize gay marriage. In this third and final part of their story, we hear how the historic New York senate vote on June 24, 2011 changed their lives and watch as they finally say their vows.

Special thanks to Kathleen DiResta-Roth and Adam Cohen for providing Sarah and Kristen's wedding photos.