This Health Clinic Needs Donations and Volunteers!!!

So many of us have been saying that we need to take concrete steps to assert our value system, bucking the Trump organization wherever possible. So here is a perfect opportunity for you to donate money or volunteer your time on behalf of a great cause!

Located in Western Massachusetts, Volunteers in Medicine is made up of doctors, dentists, therapists and other health providers who work for free, providing much-needed medical care to people without health insurance.

Today, November 29, 2016, they really need your help!!

“We are joining a national day of generosity called ‘Giving Tuesday,’” 
says spokeperson Jeff Bliss. “It’s a day when new donors can have a big impact on Volunteers in Medicine.”

The group is looking for donors and volunteers so open up your checkbooks and if you're in the Berkshires, consider becoming a volunteer. I have myself volunteered for Volunteers for Medicine, and it feels terrific just being in the clinic!

VIM is also asking that you pass the word through your friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

“We’ll raise money to support all the volunteer doctors, dentists, and other healthcare workers who provide service in our medical and dental clinics,” says Bliss.

How can you be part of it? Here are a few simple ideas:

◦ Send a quick note to anyone you are willing to reach out to via email or social media. Ask them to go to VIM’s website and make a gift of any size to support the important free healthcare being provided. There are so many hard- working people who still cannot afford health insurance or who have recently have lost their insurance.

◦ Encourage those you know to consider volunteering some time to help keep this clinic supported. Not only healthcare professionals, but receptionists, fundraisers, and other types of support are always welcome.

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