'Here Is Where The Action Happens': Meet The People Of Houston

Talkin' with Texas!

Houston was the 24th stop on our Listen To America road trip. We spoke to residents and passers-by to find out what they love (and don’t!) about the city. Here’s what they had to say: 

“This is a volunteer organization called Second Servings of Houston. ... The whole mission is: ‘fighting hunger, ending waste.’ That’s the mission of the organization. It’s just such an impressive thing.”

― Annette Liftman, 56, attorney

“I would say Houston is a lot more laid-back [than Dallas]. Definitely more open to diversity as a city.”

― Amanda Locke, 27, HR manager

HuffPost is hitting the road this fall to interview people about their hopes, dreams, fears ― and what it means to be American today.

“I love the diversity in the city and I love how, kind of, hidden some of that is. ... I love loving a thing that so many people love to hate on. I love that it’s actually a cool place.”

― Emily Zinsitz, 27, content strategist

“Here is where the action happens. ... It’s nice, a different vibe.”

― Eugene Drake, 30, photographer

“I picked to stay in Houston because I love the diversity. The people are great. You kind of get a little bit of everything.”

― Meagan Hanson, 26, cybersecurity communications

“I’m here for the World Series. Hopefully to see the Houston Astros win their first championship. ... I’m from South Bend, Indiana. A lot of people don’t know where South Bend is.”

― Richard Dixon, 24, outreach coordinator

“I love Houston. I love our electoral leadership. I love our various communities and the multifaceted livelihood of it.”

― Feldon Bonner II, 49, executive director of Powerhouse Ministry/board of directors at Texas Organizing Project



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