Here's A Funny Story That'll Convince You DMX Is Actually Really Nice

Apparently all X is gonna give to ya is an endearing inspirational speech.

Forgetting those numerous criminal charges, DMX seems like a real sweetheart.

During an AOL Build interview, up-and-coming musician Marc E. Bassy told a story about one of his favorite rappers, DMX, crashing his dressing room. 

“He was like, ‘Whose guitar is that? I need to play that guitar,’” said Bassy.

Apparently, DMX plays guitar.

Bassy told the rapper of “X Gon Give It to Ya” fame that the guitar was his and he could play it if he wanted. DMX picked it up and started messing around.

“He was strumming really good in the beginning and everyone was like crowding around him,” explained Bassy, who said that at first it seemed like DMX might start shredding, but that didn’t end up happening. “He was kind of just banging on it and singing.”

DMX and the crowd ended up doing a sing-along to a Bill Withers song together before things took a turn for the even more surprising.

“And then he kind of gave us like a motivational speech, while drinking Hennessy,” said Bassy. 

Bassy claims DMX told the crowd, “For your birthday, instead of you getting gifts, you should give a gift to remind yourself that you got to live another year. You should give all your best friends a gift and all your family a gift instead of receiving them.”

2016 is officially the year that up is down and everything has stopped making sense.

If anyone has footage of DMX playing guitar or giving more inspirational speeches, please send.


Watch the full interview below:



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