Here's A Look At A Women Voting For Donald Trump

In the next twenty-four hours Donald Trump could become the next President of the United States. Trump has built a campaign that has worked against the ideals of free press, due process, and political opposition.

In a recent speech at Gettysburg, Trump said he would sue all of the women who accused him of sexual assault. This is a man who is approaching women with a toupee and a spray tan, and thinks he's the one getting the raw deal. But make no mistake, Donald Trump runs the risk of being the first President to stand trial for sexual assault during his first 100 days in office.

It seems this behaviour is motivated by a particularly sexist understanding of women's rights. Even that might be a generous statement as Trump doesn't fully acknowledge that women have rights to begin with. It begs the question, how could a woman ever support Trump?

Luckily, the team at The Social Renaissance Project have created an informative video to answer just that question. Check it out above and remember to vote tomorrow.

For the love of God, vote tomorrow.