Here's A Reminder That Some Lawmakers Are Still Fighting For Women's Equality

Aug. 26 is Women's Equality Day.

On this Women's Equality Day, we celebrate 95 years of women having the right to vote. President Barack Obama released a proclamation Wednesday celebrating the momentous achievement, honoring "champions from every corner of our country" who banded together to earn women that fundamental right.

But we're also reminded of the disparity that remains between men and women in the United States. Women are still fighting for leadership roles in the workplace, are more likely to face domestic violence and poverty and still make less money for equal work.

"There is still more to do to secure the promise of our Nation for everyone, including ensuring that women have equal opportunities to participate in the classroom, the economy, the workplace, and our democracy," the president wrote in his proclamation.

The battle for women's equality has surely made some major gains in the last decade, and some of the country's highest ranking lawmakers are still fighting to bring equal pay and equal rights to women. See some quotes from political leaders on women's equality below:

Read the president's full proclamation on Women's Equality Day here.