Marvel's Stan Lee Once Talked To Conan O'Brien About Pre-Writing Celeb Obits

It was actually one of Lee's jobs prior to him getting into comics.

Following Stan Lee’s death on Monday at the age of 95, the tributes to the man who helped make Marvel comics what it is today have been both numerous and touching. Conan O’Brien joined in by offering a clip via his Team Coco YouTube channel of a 1995 appearance on his talk show by Lee.

Lee talks about the jobs he had before working in comics, including the revelation that he used to write obituaries for famous people before they had died. 

“I would love to think somewhere my obituary is in a file,” Lee said. ”Then I’d know I made it!”

Obviously, that panned out for him.

Check out the full interview in the video above, where Lee also discussed an upcoming Marvel-DC crossover event in which the two comic book universes battled each other and fans voted on the winner. Probably not likely to happen these days.