Here's Ellen DeGeneres With A Much-Needed Message Of Unity After The Election

"We're far more alike than we are different."
Please save us. 
Please save us. 

Before America elected Republican nominee Donald Trump as presidentEllen DeGeneres offered her viewers a message of unity on Tuesday afternoon during a deeply divided time in our country’s history. 

Wearing a sweater reading “love,” Ellen urged us all to remember what bonds us together as human beings ― like falling asleep while watching Netflix and realizing you left the towel on the other side of the bathroom after a shower ― like only she can. 

“People have been very passionate about this race. And I think it’s because we all love our country ― we just have different ideas about what’s best for it, which is part of what makes America great,” she said. “And I believe we can all come together because if you take away the labels, you realize we’re far more alike than we are different.”

Watch the full clip below: 



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