Here's Everything You Need To Be A Mermaid This Halloween

Make a splash at your next costume party.

Want to get wet and wild this Halloween? Go as a mermaid!

We promise it’s a lot easier than you think. Whether you’re down to DIY or just buy, here’s some mermaid inspiration to get you started.

Let’s work from the top down.

1. Get sea-worthy locks.

If you don’t want to drop stacks at the salon to get multicolored waves likes these, this list of DIY dying tips is pretty clutch. Another solid option is getting colored extensions or a gorgeous wig like this one ― both are much more noncommittal and can be used whenever the need to be a mermaid strikes again!

2. Be shell-fish and crown yourself.

You totally don’t need a crown to be a mermaid, but a mermaid crown definitely adds a certain je ne sais quoi. Etsy has a massive catalog of crowns to choose from, though we sort of love the individuality of making your own. This tutorial is quite lovely.

3. Turn your face into mermaid magic.

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Doing your face up mermaid-style looks different for everyone. Some of you want to go full-fledged water nymph, while others may want just a splash of nautical whimsy. For those who want to be fully immersed in the water world, here are some intense makeup tutorials for your perusal. For a more subdued mermaid look, check out these looks.

4. Make your non-tailed half shine like a pearl.

Dusting some highlighter or illuminators on your clavicle, shoulders and cheekbones will give you that just-emerged-from-the-waves glisten. The tutorial above uses the Anastasia Glow Kit, but other solid options for lighting yourself up are the Tom Ford Shimmer Shot and Jeffree Star Skin Frost.

5. Put on your finest shell bra (or top).

We live in a modern era. Mermaids don’t have to wear just shell bras. They can wear T-shirts too! You can snag shell tees on Etsy or make your own with this. If you want to buy a bra, you can find some here and here. If you’re down to grab a glue gun and get down to it, these two tutorials are dope.

6. Grab a flippin’ tail.

Ok, so this part of becoming a mermaid is sort of integral. But luckily, you have lots of options. If you don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of needles and thread, you can straight up buy a tail here, here and here. You can also forgo the full tail entirely and rock a shiny mermaid-esque skirt instead. For the craftier mermaids out there, these tutorials are the best we’ve seen.

Now swim along, mer-friends!

Mermaid Dudeoir Model

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