Here's Everything You Need Today For Rauner's State of the State Address

Gov. Bruce Rauner today delivers his second State of the State Address in the Illinois House chamber at the Capitol.

In his first address last year, the newly-inaugurated governor said correcting Illinois government's fiscal troubles and driving down its persistently high, post-recession unemployment would require "shared sacrifice." The speech was noteworthy for its audacity: Rauner called on Democrats to help him take on some of their closest allies -- organized labor and trial lawyers -- and to embrace concepts, like term limits, they've long opposed.

If you read only one thing today about the State of the State, this should be it. We've got the real deal right here in Fast-Facts form. No spin. It's Illinois by the numbers in easy-to-read, graphic format. You won't find a more useful depiction of Illinois. Take a look and pass it on. We're all about powering up the people.