Here's How 'Logan' Got That One Cheesy Easter Egg

The queso Professor X's weird Taco Bell obsession.

We need to taco ‘bout “Logan.”

Specifically, what was the deal with Professor X going on and on about the quesalupa at Taco Bell?

When we first see Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) interact in the movie, it’s clear the latter is not doing well. He rambles about random things, even eventually talking about how the quesalupa at the Tex-Mex fast food joint is going to be big.

Who could blame him? The quesalupa is part quesadilla, part chalupa, and more delicious than both.

Hold up, though. Doesn’t “Logan” take place in 2029? Why is Professor X talking about a Taco Bell item that was introduced in the mid 2010s? Even if this was product placement, wouldn’t they have just talked about the brand, not a specific and technically dated product?

What the Bell? We had to know the truth.

Jackman and director James Mangold recently sat down with HuffPost in honor of “Logan” arriving on Digital HD and Blu-ray. We asked the question on everyone’s minds: How important is Taco Bell in Jackman’s final Wolverine movie?

Mangold couldn’t bear the burden of the spicy secret anymore.

“The funny story of why that dialogue’s in there is, I was actually offered a Taco Bell commercial while we were in prep,” said Mangold.

“Oh, really?” said Jackman, who was as surprised as us.

Mangold continued, “And while I was writing the scene, I was looking for Charles to say things — random things — that indicate that he’d been watching TV too much, and I literally had this Taco Bell commercial script on my desk for the new quesalupa from Taco Bell, and in my desperation to get pages done, I just took it and plugged it right in.”

Queso closed.

That is not paid product placement in “Logan.” And if the dialogue seems cheesy, it’s just because of the melty goodness in the quesalupa shell.

A tidbit from a real Taco Bell commercial was just added to the script.

Jackman, who was hearing all this for the first time, asked if the commercial was on the air.

Mangold didn’t know but confirms it was the “actual text from an actual Taco Bell commercial.”

And if you’re wondering, yeah, that commercial is on air. Though the dialogue is a little different, Taco Bell has a number of ads calling the Quesalupa the next big thing, including its 2016 Super Bowl commercial.

It’s just another reason that “Logan” is nacho average movie.

“Logan” is available now on Digital HD, Blu-ray, DVD and 4K Ultra HD.

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