Here's How A Runner's High Is Similar To A Pot High

There's a reason it makes you feel so good.

Move over, marijuana. There's a new high in town.

According to Jacob Ward, a science correspondent for Al Jazeera, a runners' high is processed by the brain's cannabinoid receptors similarly to the way it receives a pot high, meaning the two euphoric states are not that different.

Ward explained to HuffPost Live on Tuesday:

"You can have two different molecular structures that have nothing to do with each other, that look totally dissimilar, and yet both will plug right into your cannabinoid receptors, and this is another one like that. It just reveals that our brains are incredibly agnostic when it comes to these cannabinoid receptors."

The brain's ability to "get high" off so many things isn't necessarily a positive though, Ward said.

"In this case that's a good thing, from running, [but] in the case of synthetic marijuana and other drugs, it can be a very bad thing," he affirmed.

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