Here's How Billionaires Will Attend Super Bowl 50

With Super Bowl 50 just around the corner, the biggest sporting event in the world aims to set new TV viewership records. Dubbed the Golden Super Bowl, the theme will be a Midas favorite. And to help better illustrate that, there's a $1 million Super Bowl package that's being offered by the Fairmont San Francisco for those that regard money as no object.

The Million-Dollar Fantasy Big Game 50 package gets you a lot, and is as extravagant as they come. It includes 22 tickets to the big game, and four-night stay in the one-of-a-kind penthouse suite for up to six guests.

When staying in the penthouse, you'll be enjoying the same room that Prince Charles, John F. Kennedy and a long list of other dignitaries, celebrities and superstars have all bunked up in.

A spacious 6,000 square-foot layout offers three bedrooms, a living room, dining room, full kitchen, billiard room, library and a terrace that overlooks the azure bay. It also even has a secret passageway that is rumored to be used by visiting government officials and royalty.

The hotel is also offering guests an array of snacks, an open bar, a swag bag that comes with NFL goodies and a robe. What's more, you'll get a tailgate party that's especially catered by the hotel's chef and bartender. Lastly, you will get exclusive access to NFL players and all of the big names on hand. And, you will receive private transportation to and from the big event.

But all things considered, with a million smackers, wouldn't you rather just buy a big house, have it fully furnished, put two cars in the garage and then install the largest TV in town so you could watch the game in style and still own the house afterwards. Oh, yeah, we were forgetting for a moment that this was a million dollars to everyone but the top 1%.

So, it's fair to say that if a million dollars is just chump change that you find under the sofa seat, then this is a great deal. Otherwise, it's a pretty shoddy investment that has absolutely zero return. Then again, when money is of no object, it's just a good time out for your average billionaire.

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