Here's How Depression Affects Gay And Lesbian Couples

Your weekly LGBT wellness round-up.

Depression Within Gay And Lesbian Couples

When at least one partner has depression relationship dynamics within couples differ between lesbians and gays, a new study found. While both gays and lesbians offer support to a partner with depression, only lesbian study participants offered support back when they were depressed.

Newest National LGB Smoking Data Released

The sexual minority analysis from the latest National Adult Tobacco Survey data was published this week. In it we see LGB people smoke at rates 58% higher than others. Cigarette smoking rates were highest among bi women (over 100% higher than others). Sexual minority women also used e-cig, hookah, and cigars at more than 3x the rate of other women. Sexual minority men e-cig and hookah rates were also higher than other men. 

Depression and Meth Use Higher for Men with Childhood Trauma

A study of queer men in South Florida found that men who had been neglected or abused as children were more likely to be depressed and more likely to use meth as adults. The authors think that preventing the mistreatment of children is a way to prevent mental health and substance use later on.

Insights into Bisexuality Health Risks

Youth research is great because it often asks about ranges of identities. This is where we keep seeing news that “mostly heterosexual” is more harmful than straight, gay, or lesbian. In the latest news, a new study found that “mostly heterosexual” young adults have more mental health problems, suicidal thoughts, and substance and tobacco use than lesbians, or gays. Researchers think it could be caused by a higher level of internal negativity towards same-sex attraction. 

Sticks and Stones

A new study found that right-wing authoritarianism predicts prejudice against gay and lesbians but unlike some earlier researchers had reported, it isn’t affected by whether the terms “homosexual” v. “gay and lesbian” are used. It looks like prejudice is prejudice, no matter what you call it.

The Times, they Are A Changin’

Good news for the LGBTQ community: a new study found that only 3-12% of college students thought it was okay to bully or abuse fellow LGBTQ students. In fact, overall, students found it less acceptable to hurt LGBTQ students than other students because it was seen as more harmful and unjust.

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