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Here’s How HelloFresh Can Help Anyone Master Mealtime

Not a master chef? No problem. HelloFresh makes it easy to get a feel-good meal on the table in no time. Sign up and use promo code 16BUZZFEED to get 16 Free Meals + Three Surprise Gifts + Free Shipping.

We can’t all be creative, culinary geniuses in the kitchen.

Whether you’re struggling to land on a recipe within your wheelhouse or hunting down all the necessary ingredients to bring a dream dish to life, it can be hard to feed your foodie aspirations.

That’s where HelloFresh comes in.


HelloFresh is perfect for many skill levels and for anyone with an adventurous palate.

No grocery store shopping or stressful meal-planning needed.

Each HelloFresh meal kit (made to seamlessly fit in your fridge) is packed with high-quality ingredients, easy-to-follow recipes and clear nutrition info to make getting dinner on the table a snap.


With 50 weekly options, HelloFresh has a variety of meals made to please everyone. All you have to do is peruse the offerings each week, to see what you’re in the mood for.

Short on time? You might find a Quick & Easy recipe like Taqueria Pork Bowls is right up your alley.


Want to branch out with something new? A Veggie option like the Plant-Based Protein Ragù Rigatoni Bake could be for you.


Got multiple mouths to feed? HelloFresh makes mealtime for families easy with crowd-pleasing, Family Friendly meals like the Juicy Lucy Burger.


With all the options and varieties right at your fingertips, the only hard part about HelloFresh will be deciding what recipe to order first.

And when your HelloFresh recipes make it to your door, you’ll be able to savor a fun and exciting cooking experience that will leave you feeling unstoppable (and deliciously full).


What are you waiting for? The dinner hour approaches! Make mealtime easier. sign up for HelloFresh today and use promo code 16BUZZFEED to get 16 Free Meals + Three Surprise Gifts + Free Shipping.