The Loophole That Might Allow People To Crash Pippa Middleton's Wedding

Even without an invite.
04/26/2017 02:48pm ET

Pippa Middleton is getting married on May 20 and people are already figuring out ways to crash her wedding.

Middleton and her fiancé, hedge fund manager James Matthews, are exchanging vows at St. Marks Church in Englefield, Berkshire. Apparently they have such a strict guest list that Prince Harry isn’t able to bring his girlfriend, actress Meghan Markle, to the ceremony (but she can attend the reception).

But due to a set of long-standing guidelines recently updated by the Church of England, The Telegraph reported that anyone from the parish of Englefield could end up crashing Pippa’s wedding ceremony.

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Pippa and her future husband, James Matthews. 

Below are the Church of England’s guidelines regarding Celebrity Marriages in Anglican Cathedrals and Churches:

“A marriage is a public ceremony which at least all parishioners (including those whose names are on the electoral roll) are entitled to attend; it is also possible that those who are not parishioners are similarly entitled whether at common law.”

Additionally, the guidelines state that people “are entitled to attend as long as there is available seating or standing room unless a genuine question of safety or security arises. Any person with a right to seating in a particular pew cannot be denied that right.”

As the Church mentions in its guidelines, there are a few complications that could prevent people from randomly showing up at the ceremony, like if Pippa gave a media outlet an exclusive on the wedding. The Telegraph pointed out that the land surrounding the church is on private property, which could also impact who is allowed at the ceremony.

“For security reasons we are making no comments on the private details of this wedding (being held on private property),” a representative for Middleton’s wedding told the outlet.

Scroll through pictures of the St. Marks Church below to see what lucky attendees ― or wedding crashers ― will see:

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St Mark's Church in Englefield, Berkshire
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So pretty! 
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Who wants to hang out with the royals? 

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Pippa Middleton & James Matthews
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