Here's How The HPV Vaccine Can Help Cut The Risk Of Cancer In Gay Men

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HPV Vaccination Cuts Anal Cancer Risk By 63%

Many HIV-positive queer men already receive treatment for high-grade anal intraepithelial neoplasia (HGAIN), a condition that can lead to anal cancer. Researchers added in an HPV vaccination to HGAIN treatment and reduced the lifetime risk of anal cancer by a whopping 63%!

#TransHealthFail Summarized

Now that #TransHealthFail has taken off on the interwebs, Mashable has nicely taken those posts and summarized six ways the health care system doesn’t work for trans people. We love seeing the big picture and seeing Mashable cover trans health.

Still So Little Money For LGBTQ Research

Researchers are still monitoring NIH to see how many of their projects address LGBT health. In the most recent pass (no T this time), they found if you look beyond HIV, only 10 of 27,000 grants in 2012 were for LGB health. Even worse, ¾ of the Institutes at NIH funded no research about us that looked beyond HIV at all. As other researchers point out, this needs to change.

Eating Disorders So Much Worse For LGBTQ College Students

It looks like eating disorders hit LGBTQ students the hardest. A new study found that 16% of transgender college students had an eating disorder, a rate five times higher than that of cisgender students. LGBTQ students were also twice as likely to have induced vomiting and were more likely to use diet pills than straight students.

HIV Disclosure Rare Among Straight Men Who Sometimes Sleep with Men

This one’s a doozy. A new study of men who identify as straight but sometimes have sex with men found that 1) 58% were HIV-positive and that 2) they usually told their female partners about being HIV-positive, but hardly ever told their male partners. Not cool, guys.

Youth Pride Clinic Helps LGBTQ Teens

Here’s a happy story: after seeing too many frustrated patients and awkward doctors the Children’s National Medical Center added a Youth Pride Clinic, designated afternoons where LGBTQ teens can get help in a judgment-free zone with docs who know what’s up. So simple! Why didn’t we think of that?

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