Here's How To Actually Make America Great Again

In a misguided attempt to unite America, Donald Trump has single handedly made many of his supporters doubt the foundations of United States democracy. The warped ideals promising to "make America great again" may permeate long after Agent Orange has stopped running for office, even if he is cruising for a loss on November 8th.

While it's true that the United States is undergoing a certain amount of turmoil it doesn't technically make it any less great. Yes, mass shootings are happening on a ridiculous level and racial violence is still an issue that shows no signs of going away, but we're desperately close to electing another democratic leader. That is, above all else, a cause for hope. Yet, for some, the question remains "How do we actually make America Great Again?"

According to Joeysometimes it's actually incredibly easy: stand for good ideals, don't spread racism, don't ignore rape culture, don't sell hatred, don't stand for gun violence, and don't threaten other people. It's not meant to be negative. It's meant to empower the idea of standing up against inequality, and respecting all people.

It's as simple as smiling at a stranger or holding the door for the person behind you. Follow your passions with creativity, vote on November 8th, and push forward the ideals of hope.

That is how we'll actually make America great again.