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Here's How to Find True Balance in Life

A few years ago I lost my job. It was a terrible time. I was angry and afraid. I didn't know how I would make money? What else could I do? My fears about age and not having the right skills ran me.
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You work incredibly hard balancing your life -- maintaining evenness to be happy from the moment you wake up until you go back to sleep. You're multitasking, which is another word and activity for balance. You strive for: work life balance, a balanced diet and health routine and a balance with family, friends, social life.

It's a moment to moment challenge; juggling, slipping in and out of the events of your daily life to find some, any balance that will give you happy peace... body, mind and spirit. Balance, integration, harmony, stability, equilibrium, steadiness, oneness, symmetry -- We want it! "Want" is the key word here.

What do you want for your life? That's the balance question and it's crucial to find the answer so you can achieve the precious stability you desire. True balance comes from knowing yourself and your purpose in life. It's a lovely, full time job.When you know your purpose, your reason for being, you have a "base for balance" to count on even in the roughest, most demanding times.

Recently I asked a coaching client Kate -- "What is at the center of the vital, new transitions you've made?"

Without a hesitation she replied, "Figuring out what I want out of life and for my life and making it a priority. I have the power to change my circumstances because I have the power to change how I think."

That confidence and clarity of knowing what you want and your priorities will totally connect and balance you. Kate hired me to help her create a precise "Change Plan" to open her own business -- helping other business owners prosper.

In the process Kate removed herself from a stressful and frustrating corporate job where she was unappreciated and she began producing new results -- defining her clients and how they will benefit from her services.

With lots of courage, hard and careful work her business is taking off -- flourishing with new clients, speaking engagements and workshops on leadership and life improvement. She's stepping into her own greatness.

Like many people, Kate wants more for her life and is not settling on dull routine. She's connecting with her center and her values...

  • Taking stock of her entire self as she matures
  • Valuing her gifts and ambitions
  • Setting intentions for her future
  • Continuously growing and asking more of herself
  • Moving forward with a powerful purpose and vision

Kate cares and respects her mind, body and soul more than she ever did. She's aligning with her true spirit. Even with questions of finances, accepting or turning down business, she's grounded, focused, happy and really successful.

What balances and releases Kate's tremendous spirit is her desire to give. That's her purpose in life. Giving. Her kindness, knowledge and life experience are all working together to help other people live their very best lives. It's what she wants. It's her truth and beautiful choice.

Balance By Choice

The choices we make affect our entire lives.They either enhance or corrupt our balance.

We judge ourselves by how just we are to other people and things. Either we're
'in integrity' or 'out of integrity' in all we do and think and if we are untrue to ourselves, lessen our personal values in any way, we insult and hurt the best and most beloved thing in us.

Coaching enables you to get to your center, your core values and beliefs -- the way you live your life. Qualities and standards like -- commitment, honesty, compassion, trust, fun, creativity, openness, loyalty, service.

Being true to yourself -- authentic -- always promotes balance. It fortifies what you're made of - your spirit, mind and heart.

Inner and Outer Blocks Interrupt Our Balance

Outer blocks are things not always in our control -- like not having enough time or money, lacking skills or knowledge to do something.

Inner blocks are more personal. They're our opinions, fears, judgments, limiting beliefs that stop us cold. The important thing is that they can change and then align us with the truth. We can make new and better conscious choices to change and move past our fears.

A few years ago I lost my job. It was a terrible time. I was angry and afraid. I didn't know how I would make money? What else could I do? My fears about age and not having the right skills ran me. I knew I couldn't handle this by myself and hired a Life Coach to help me relax and figure things out.

With coaching I was learning how to re-frame my thoughts, to be positive and find opportunities.

When I saw that the loss of my job was a benefit and a big one I felt surprising relief. I was energized and calm and truly hopeful about my future.

I saw too that the limiting beliefs and assumptions I had about myself and the world of future jobs weren't true or real. I saw the facts. I had plenty of useful skills and years of valuable experience in many fields.

Even in the heart of change and pain you can find balance, symmetry and peace.

I found a new purpose as a Life & Career Coach, which brought together so many aspects of my life and enabled me to move forward and succeed in a way I never imaged.

What I hope you will gain from reading this post is this -- finding the truth about yourself and living it is the ultimate balance. It will bring harmony to both your mind and heart.

We are all unique and here for a very special purpose. I encourage you to actively discover your passion and purpose. Go after finding it with mighty love and intention. Discover your true balance. It's there inside you. Guaranteed!