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Here's How To Look Like A Lisa Frank Folder This Halloween

The makeup tutorial of your '90s dreams.

Let’s get technicolor.

If you’re like us and want a Halloween costume that’s pure ‘90s, then here’s the idea you’ve been waiting for. The folks at have put together a Lisa Frank-inspired makeup tutorial that is so totally awesome.

Take out your Caboodle and start blasting TLC because we’re about to get nostalgic.

To re-create the look on your own:

  1. Start with an eye primer (we recommend Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer, $20), then add some Nyx Milk to your lid and blend out the edges with a white eyeshadow to get a smooth white base.

  2. Using a shadow brush and a rainbow palette, start creating a rainbow eye above your crease and below your lower lash line. Blend all the bold, bright colors together.

  3. For more glam, add a silver shimmer shadow, false lashes and winged liner.

  4. Grab any bold lipstick in any color from the rainbow ― we recommend Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick in Breakfast at Tiffany’s ($18).

  5. To complete the look, opt for water-activated face paints (Mehron Paradise AQ is used in the video) and start rainbowing your neck, décolletage, jawline, hair, earlobes. Use a small buffing brush to apply the color in a starburst pattern, then beat it with your beauty blender to smooth the transition.

  6. After you achieve your desired level of rainbow, go back in with some black AQ paints or your liquid liner and add in the cheetah spots. Fill in a few of the spots with more bright colors until you look like the successful crossbreeding of a unicorn cheetah.

Now, go make yourself fierce!

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