You Can Support Both France And Lebanon On Facebook Through This Hack

You can apply the feature to any two countries.

After Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris, Facebook launched a feature that allows users to add an overlay of the French flag to their profile pictures, in a show of support for France. While the filter has been extremely popular with users, some have criticized the site for failing to activate the same tool in support of other countries which have been affected by terrorism. Last week, for example, Lebanon's capital city of Beirut was attacked by two suicide bombers, who killed at least 43 people and left 239 wounded. 

However, by using a site called Lunapic, it's possible for users to add an overlay of any two countries' flags to their photos. Those photos can then be used on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites.

Follow the steps below:

1. Start by visiting the site's country flags filters here. Select one country flag by clicking the dropdown menu and clicking an option, or by clicking one of the country flag photos.

 2. Next, you'll be directed to another screen. Upload a photo by selecting "Use different photo" and choosing a picture from your files. Then, click "Show unity with two flags."

3. Next, choose the two countries whose flags you'd like to have over your profile picture. The example photo will not be the image you've uploaded. 

4. After clicking "Go," your profile picture, with both flags, should generate. Right-click, and choose "save image" to download it. You're then free to proudly use it on Facebook and Twitter. 

There's also another option for those who aren't as comfortable with the editing site, but would still like to support multiple countries. Designer and Facebook user Hubert Southall has been taking requests to create multi-flag filters for social media users after being dissatisfied with Facebook's limited options. He's since been flooded with requests for overlays of various flags.

“I am struggling to keep up,” he told Digital Trends. “I’ve had requests from thousands of people from over 30 countries. People want a way to support without exclusion. I think it’d be great if all designers offer their services on Facebook to help out. Adding a filter over someone’s picture takes about 10 seconds to do.”

Southall also wrote in a Facebook status that he hopes his efforts can spark change within the social media site: 

"I’m hoping to influence Facebook to be more inclusive with their features."

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