Here's How You Can Relocate Your Small Business Office Smoothly Before 2016 Ends

Out of all the issues you'll face as a small business owner, the relocation of your office or store is probably one of the most challenging. It will require funds, energy and time and it can be overwhelming because you need to finish the move as quickly as you can so that you can continue to provide your products and services to customers who are relying on you. So here, six rules you should consider implementing to your small business to ensure a fast and stress-free relocation.

1. Announce the move to your team as early as possible.

Let your employees know about your plan to relocate the office ahead of time. This way, they'll be prepared emotionally and physically. They'll also have enough time to process the news and react positively and plan correctly for the upcoming change.

2. Involve your key employees in the decision-making process.

For example, you can talk about what supplies, furniture, and other stuffs that can be moved first and where to put them in your new location. You'll be surprised of what new and helpful ideas you may hear from them.

3. Break down the huge task.

Relocation isn't a small task that can be finished overnight. Thus, it will help to create a to-do list and to set goals for the move. Write these things down and set a timeline so you and your team will be aware of what you've accomplished already and the workload left to be done. It's also a huge motivator for everyone involved as they'll feel a sense of satisfaction for each task completed.

4. Hire professional movers.

You may be tempted to transport whatever you can fit in your truck or your employee's but this plan presents a far greater risk. So instead of resorting to this course of action, hire a professional moving company when transporting your furniture and other large items. This way, the transport of your furniture, other office supplies, and big products are safe and covered by insurance. Plus, you need not worry about the vehicle since they have their own truck to use for the move. It's one less worry off your back.

5. Clean up the new location first.

You don't want to transport all your small business' supplies and equipment to the new office only to see that it's dirty and not really ready for all the stuffs you'd arrange and put in it. Thus, it only makes sense to clean the area first. You'll also benefit greatly by having the area or specific areas measured so you can be sure that the items you're thinking of placing in one location can really fit in it. If not, at least you can find another area where you can place it, avoiding frustration and wasted energy in the process.

6. Let your customers know ahead of time.

Your customers deserve to know about the move so be sure to inform them ahead of time. Put an announcement in your store's door where everyone can see it. If you have a website, inform them online, too and be sure to remind them where to find you.

6. Think efficiency.

For small items that you can't afford to lose, you can place them in boxes that you can seal using a packing tape. It will be helpful to label the boxes afterwards so you can easily find what you're looking for when the time for unpacking comes.

Relocating your small business
office and store isn't easy but with enough preparation, the right planning, and teamwork, it can be done seamlessly.