Here's How You Can Throw Your Buddy The Best Bachelor Party That He Deserves

So your best buddy is tying the knot soon and yes, this could mean less time spent with you and your other buddies.
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So your best buddy is tying the knot soon and yes, this could mean less time spent with you and your other buddies. This could even mean less meeting to just chill, drink, and party (or even none at all if his soon-to-be wife loves him too much). Thus, you want to throw him the kind of bachelor party he will never forget you for. You've got ideas but you want to make sure he enjoys them without his bride loathing you for what activities you'll prepare (if she discovers what happens because you'll never really know). Here are several stripper-free bachelor party ideas to help you get started.

1. Throw a barbecue night.

For the low-key groom, this would be a perfect surprise. Make it special by renting a house with a beautiful backyard just for the night.

2. Go fishing.

If your groom is the type of guy who enjoys staring into placid waters while waiting for that fish, let nothing hold you back. Get the fishing poles ready and probably some sleeping bags and tents then drive to the nearest fishing haven in your area.

3. Or hunting.

Want to have some adventure? All you need is a case of beer or two and rifles. Drive to the nearest place where hunting is allowed and spend the night feasting on what you've hunted while drinking beers.

4. Go road tripping.

Go to your groom's dream destination so he can cross it off his bucket list before saying "I do". Don't forget to pack the essentials (read: bottle of beers) so you can sit back and drink while enjoying the view.

5. Attend a mixology seminar.

Since the best bachelor party will almost always involve drinks, why not try whipping up your own by taking mixology classes? Your groom will surely feel awesome spending the night indulging in the cocktail or beer he made on his own.

6. Spend the weekend gambling.

Be it classic slots or video slots, you and your groom will surely enjoy having some time off away from the stressful wedding planning by playing online slot games (and maybe winning!). You can also rent a room in the nearest casino in your area and get a paid dealer to guide everyone as you gamble the night away. However, if the budget is lean, poker is never a bad idea.

7. Try the extremes.

What's more thrilling and exhilarating than seeing your groom look as if he's going to pee but can't while he tries sky diving and zip lining?

8. Fight against each other.

Or maybe go as far as killing your groom (or maybe letting him kill you) virtually by playing video games that he's a fan of. Place some bets to make the killing even more thrilling.

9. Attend a concert.

If your groom is a fan of a particular band, check online to see if his favorite band has a schedule to play in your area. If yes, then grab the opportunity! Get tickets and try to reach the band or any of their spokespeople to see if they can give him a shout out to make him feel special.

You can only throw your best buddy a bachelor party once. Give it your best shot (and nail the art of being the perfect best man in the process) by being creative and matching these ideas to what suits his personality and needs best.

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