HERE'S MY TAKE #5: How Should Authorities Respond To Long Lines And Chaos At The Polls?

How Should Authorities Respond To Long Lines And Chaos At The Polls? What should be done on Tuesday, 11/4, to mitigate wait-times and trouble at the polls? Your answer can center on the local, state or federal level....or at all three, if you have the gumption.
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QUESTION: What should be done on Tuesday, 11/4 to mitigate wait time and chaos at the polls? This can be at the local, state or federal level....or at all three if you have the gumption.

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To get us started, Here's My Take:

When I envision the circus that will take place Tuesday in this country I am elated as well as terrified. I am volunteering with the ACLU in my state to monitor polls that day. The state I live in is not in the limelight and should be "pretty quiet" as far as chaos. But we don;t enjoy early voting, either, only by absentee ballot, so we will experience the same issue with lines as everyone else. I think that, for this week's contest, local authorities should extend voting hours as well as supply folding chairs and water. I know, it costs $ to rent chairs and buy water -- tough tooties, I say! Splurge for Democracy! Voter advocacy groups should be able to pitch in, as well as local campaign offices.

I truly believe that many of the polling locations will have "vote-gaiting," like tail-gaiting but without the grilling going on -- or in terms avid concert goers will understand, there should be a "lot scene." If this is indeed the case, then seats, liquid and understanding are all that will be needed, the rest will take care of itself.

Now I want to hear what you have to say. Take a few minutes and think through these issues then use this Survey Monkey link to send in your reply. Alternatively, you can send it to "heresmycall AT", although the Survey Monkey link is a superior submittal method.

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