Here's My VOTE for the $20: Eleanor Roosevelt

2016-04-17-1460902494-2874464-ScreenShot20150512at6.45.10PM.png Imagine if our money carried positive, uplifting messages such as: "Be Authentic!" "Go Lead Something!" I think Eleanor Roosevelt would welcome this. In fact, at 10 TRAITS Institute, we've already placed the image of Eleanor Roosevelt on our 10 TRAITS "virtual" money as part of a leadership training game. Rather than wait until 2030, the deadline suggested by U.S. Treasury's Jack Lew for changing the face on the $20, let's make it happen now. If America could send men to the moon in the 1960's, we can certainly retool the U.S. Treasury to place the FACE of a woman on the $20, by 2020.

Alexia Parks is a Virtual Mentor with the United Nations, award-winning entrepreneur, and Founder of 10 TRAITS Leadership Institute.