Here's One Of The Most Meaningful Gifts Companies Can Give For The Holidays

Decoration of Christmas gifts
Decoration of Christmas gifts

During this holiday season, you, your company, and your employees can improve people's lives in communities throughout the world through a powerful online giving program. Give your employees gift cards to GlobalGiving. They can choose the the region, the cause, and the nonprofit that is most meaningful to them, and be assured that the organization they choose will have a meaningful impact in achieving results. You can also give gift cards to clients, friends, and family members.

You can do all of this through GlobalGiving (GG), a DC-based nonprofit that has raised $240 million from 506,410 donors for 13,970 projects in 164 countries. Your support will help provide access to education, healthcare, disaster relief, improve lives and opportunities for girls and women, advance human rights and equal justice, or help smallholder farmers with the challenges of climate change.

Giving with confidence

GlobalGiving is the first and largest global crowdfunding community that connects nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country around the world. They carefully vet all nonprofits before posting their needs on the GG site, and they help organizations to with tools, training, and support to become more effective.

"GlobalGiving was founded on the idea that good ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time, and we make it safe, easy, and fun for you to give to local projects all over the world." says Mari Kurashi, who co-founded GlobalGiving with Dennis Whittle and current leads the organization.

I can personally attest to GlobalGiving's tremendous effectiveness, as a donor and fundraiser. I've also recommended nonprofits in remote communities who have become the beneficiaries of GG's training, coaching, and access to donors. And I've worked with companies that work with and highly recommend GG as a meaningful way to thank and recognize employees for volunteer service and to celebrate milestones and holidays.

GG gift cards inspire meaningful conversations

One of the most inspirational ideas I learned from working with GlobalGiving is to share your giving choices among family, friends, and colleagues in small celebrations. For example, if you give GG holiday gift cards to family members, including children, you can share your choices at the dinner table. A meaningful and mutual learning experience that encourages the celebration of giving across generations. Similarly, colleagues at work can do the same over small, informal luncheon gatherings.

Happy holidays, cherish your blessings, and enjoy the gift of giving.

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