Here's Proof Hasan Minhaj's Dad Is Straight Savage

The "Patriot Act" host traded embarrassing parents stories with Jimmy Fallon and recounted a hilarious high school moment he shared with his dad.


“Patriot Act” host Hasan Minhaj appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and traded stories about embarrassing parents with the host. As it turns out, Minhaj’s dad is kinda savage in the best way. 

During the show, Minhaj recounted the time he stole the homework solution manual of his high school teacher and made copies of it to sell to other students. Unfortunately, someone ratted him out 

“What you have done: You have violated my trust, you have insulted the ethical standards of this school, and I should expel you right now. But I’m going to call your father instead,” he recounted his teacher as saying. Minhaj joked that he’d preferred to get expelled. 

When his father arrived, he defended his son by, well, shaming him. 
“‘My son did not do this,‘” Minhaj recalled his father saying. “Hasan is a coward. He doesn’t have the guts to pull this off.’”

The shaming seemed to have paid off because “I did graduate and here I am,” he said.