Here's The Reason For That One 'Major' Change In 'Pete's Dragon'

Bryce Dallas Howard explains.

If a movie has the word “dragon” in the title, there’s a strong chance it’s going to be good. “Pete’s Dragon” is no exception. 

The reboot of the 1977 film follows Pete (Oakes Fegley), an orphaned boy whose BFF is a dragon named Elliott. Pete and Elliott are living it up out in the wilderness before a close encounter with society changes everything. 

And speaking of changes, there’s one change we’ve been wondering about since promo pictures started coming out for the film. 

Why no purple hair? 

When watching the original, one thing that stands out is Elliott the Dragon’s purple hair. 

Just look at those luscious locks! That dragon must use conditioner:

So why did this movie go another route? While talking with The Huffington Post, star Bryce Dallas Howard explained, “We’re not stepping on the toes of the original. The purple hair is alive and well in the 1977 version. I mean, that would’ve been very punk rock, wouldn’t it?”

Actually, the lack of fuchsia follicles is minor compared to the other changes in the movie. The original was a musical and even touched on dark themes like abuse and alcoholism. Other than the title and the fact that there’s a boy and a dragon, the new film is completely different. 

Howard told us the “departure” from the 1977 version is what she really loved.

“Sometimes with stories, certain things have been explored, and it’s about being inspired by an idea and kind of being propelled by that inspiration and then ultimately creating something new from it,” she said. “I feel like it was the title that drew me toward it, and then when I read it, the movie on its own was something that I wanted to be a part of.”

No purple hair. But we don’t care. (Well, we care a little, but it’s cool.)

“Pete’s Dragon” flies into theaters Aug. 12.



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