Here's The Truth About Being A Gay Latino

"Suddenly I have become 'Papi?'"

Being queer is a radically different experience for every individual.

Everyone's ways of navigating the world are shaped by a number of intersecting identities -- particularly one's ethnic background. In a new video from Flama/Univision, contributor Gabe Gonzalez deconstructs the nuances of identifying as both gay and Latino and the way this shapes his life in American culture.

The video is decidedly satirical, and tackles a number of issues about exotification among queer men, as well as sexual health in the Latino community. According to Gonzalez, these are issues that Latino gay men in America are confronted with quite frequently.

"I want to spark honest conversation," Gonzalez told The Huffington Post. "In particular, I want people to talk about sex and gender performance in the Latino community because we have a hard time addressing these topics. Growing up, most of my friends knew I was gay, but I faced these linguistic and cultural barriers fitting in at school. At home I spoke Spanish comfortably, but worried about 'butching it up' and acting like a 'boy' so my parents wouldn’t think I was gay. I always felt like I was hiding a part of myself no matter where I went -- and a big part of that was never feeling like I had someone to talk to about my sexuality."

Check out the video to hear more from Gonzalez or head here to follow him on Twitter.

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