Here's What Happens To A Go-Go Boy When He Has To Grow Up

It's not all glamour anymore.

What happens when a go-go boy ages out of his profession?

Actor and writer Jimmy Fowlie explores this idea through his hilarious project "Go-Go Boy Interrupted," a web series born from his sketch comedy show of the same name.

The first season left us dying for more and now Fowlie and his team are engaged in a Kickstarter campaign to fund the second season.

"When I first moved to L.A., I worked as a go-go dancer and there were so many hilarious stories that I always wanted to write about them," Fowlie notes on his Kickstarter campaign. "A year ago, I filmed seven sketches that followed the story of a go-go boy who turned 30 and then got fired from the club he worked at. I called it 'Go-Go Boy Interrupted.' It was part of a live show I was doing at The Groundlings in Los Angeles. Some friends encouraged me to put it online, and so I released it as a weekly web series last October."

Check out the video for the "Go-Go Boy Interrupted" Kickstarter above or head here to visit the campaign itself.

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