Here's What Happens When Two Men Hold Hands While Walking The Streets of Russia

Quality of life may be getting better for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in America, but that doesn't mean that our queer brothers and sisters are anywhere near being treated humanely on a global level.

In this new video from ChebuRussiaTV -- which has almost 4 million views on YouTube -- two men walk the streets of Moscow, Russia while holding hands in a social experiment to demonstrate how LGBT individuals are treated by the world around them. The video shows reactions ranging from verbal attacks to physical assault, with the video ending as a large man forcibly separates and threatens the pair.

The video serves as a necessary reminder about the state of LGBT rights in Russia, where queer individuals have, historically, been subjected to a culture of fear and violence on a regular basis. The social and political climate for LGBT people in Russia garnered national attention just last year surrounding the 2014 Sochi Olympics and Russia's infamous anti-gay "propaganda" law, which led to several high-profile attacks of LGBT individuals.

 Check out the video for yourself above.

 (h/t Towleroad)