Here's What Hillary Could Say About Trump's Plan To Jail Her

Why stop at jail, Donald?

Why not have me shot by firing squad, as the co-chair of your national veterans' coalition--Al Baldasaro--has already proposed? On talk radio last summer, he said that I should be shot for lying about what happened in Benghazi. Just think, Donald, you could make that happen!

You see, Donald, when you become president, our whole system of government will be trumped by Trump. As President Trump, you won't have to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate me. You won't have to worry about pesky little politically correct things like Constitutional rights, due process, the presumption of innocence, or any of the checks and balances that have kept this country going for 227 years. As president, you can do anything you want with an executive order--a stroke of the pen. You'll be omnipotent! And you can use the great powers of the presidency--the huuuuge powers of the presidency--to take revenge on every one your political enemies. Not just me, but traitors within your own party, men like Paul Ryan and John McCain, who have viciously betrayed you by objecting to your lewd comments on that bus. You can line them all up in front of a firing squad. And you can do the same with anyone who has ever criticized you, ridiculed you, or annoyed you in any way, especially by gaining too much weight. You can have every one of them shot.

And just think: you'll never have to worry about laws, facts, or evidence. If eleven hours of interrogation by a Congressional committee couldn't turn up one shred of evidence that I was to blame for Benghazi, what difference does it make? If the FBI concluded after exhaustive study that I should not be prosecuted for the mistakes I made in handling my emails, what does that matter? So long as you believe I was guilty, you can have me shot. That's the beauty of being president. You don't have to prove a single thing because you're the believer in chief. If you believe the worst of me, it must be true--just as it must be true that Barack Obama's eight-year occupation of the White House has been totally illegal because you just know-- in your heart of hearts-- that he was born in Kenya.

So when you get to the White House, you can wipe out all the evidence that he ever lived there, repeal every law he ever signed, and rescind every order he ever issued. For a start, you can rip up the Affordable Care Act. Even though the ACA has brought health insurance to twenty million people who couldn't afford it before, you can tear it up and leave them all to the mercy of insurance companies who will go right back to denying coverage for pre-existing conditions. Likewise, you can rip up the Iran nuclear deal so that Iran can go right back to developing nuclear weapons with absolutely no international monitoring or inspection of its nuclear facilities.

So now, Donald, we know exactly what you mean when you promise to make America great again. Whenever the ruler of any country takes revenge on his political rivals by throwing them in jail, he tells us that his country is a dictatorship. Its government is unchecked by laws, rules of evidence, independent courts, or freely elected legislatures. Its people live at the mercy of one man's whims, whether he wants to throw someone in jail, have someone shot, or grab someone's pussy.

That's the kind of government you want to give us. To make America great again, you want to tear up not just all the laws signed by President Obama but the Constitution itself. You want to shred 227 years of checks, balances, and individual rights so that you can launch a dictatorship driven by hatred and revenge and seasoned by unbridled lust.

Fortunately, however, a majority of American voters now see clearly what you aim to do if elected president. And that is why they will never send you to the White House.

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