Here's What I'm Doing With My 'Thoughts And Prayers' This Week

Politicians always instruct voters to pray in the wake of tragedy, and I'm going to do just that.

Thoughts and prayers abound following tragedy. We get that part, but what I don’t get is why there seems to be an open season for tragic events in America. Paul Ryan is right: this is absolutely the time for thoughts and prayers. However, thoughts and prayers are a little different for me this week. I’m thinking about how and why the attack in Sutherland Springs happened on Sunday. As I pray, I’m praying for the families who lost loved ones and will have to bury babies and grandparents this week, the church which is undoubtedly rocked to its core with parishioners doubting their safety and, most of all, I’m praying for new leadership in this country.

Earlier this year, the current administration rolled back Obama-era regulations put in place to keep guns out of the hands of those who are mentally ill. In his response to the shooting, President Trump placed the blame for the event on mental health, in what could be seen as the avoidance of yet another conversation on gun control in America. What is clear today is that politicians in America love their guns, but the people... not so much!

So today, I’m praying for new leadership. And while we may have to deal with this president for a few more years, we’re less than a year away from voting out people like Paul Ryan, who agrees that prayer works ( but in lieu of legislative action).

So while we’re praying, these politicians will more than likely resume their daily lives on the hill, without any tangible sense of what the people with the power to vote are dealing with in the wake of yet another mass shooting in America.

I do agree that you can not legislate morality or peacekeeping, but you can vote people into office who care for the needs of the people they serve! As you think about this senseless tragedy, I urge this country to pray for wisdom and guidance politically. We cannot continue in this country with politics that ascribe no real value to human lives.