Here's What It Looks Like When A Nazi Gets Busted

If you haven’t had a chance to check out VICE’s incredible documentary on the events in Charlottesville – stop everything and watch it. The piece is a powerful examination of the “Unite The Right” rally that took place over the weekend. In it, VICE’s Elle Reeve takes a hard look at some of the Alt-Right members participating in the march and shines a light on their deeply problematic political views.

One of the white nationalists spotlighted in the documentary is Christopher Cantwell, a self-proclaimed racist and Nazi. In the documentary, Cantwell seems boastful and aggressive, but since the rally things have changed.

In a video uploaded to his (recently deleted) personal YouTube page, Cantwell can be seen choking back tears as he blubbers about an arrest warrant being issued for his name. He’s left to wonder what to do going forward – where to go from there.

Well, we’ve got a great solution for Cantwell: stop being a Nazi.