If Trans People Said All The Things Cisgender People Say...

"Woah! Really? I'd never know! You look exactly like a man!"

Sometimes it takes turning the lens on ourselves to understand just how invasive or inappropriate our language can be.

A new video from Buzzfeed does just this by questioning: what would happen if transgender people said things they get asked everyday to cisgender people?

If you're unfamiliar, "cisgender" is a word commonly used to talk about and describe people whose gender identity aligns with the sex they were assigned at birth. And while talking about transgender issues and experiences can be tricky, it is not necessarily the responsibility of trans people to educate cisgender individuals about the realities of trans identity.

There's a point when general curiosity becomes invasive questioning, and this video aims to draw attention to what that sounds like. From "How come so many of you are sex workers?" to "How do you know you're a woman?" this video provides some important perspective -- by flipping the lens -- about the way questions directed at the transgender community can actually be offensive.

We'll leave you with our favorite:

"You're a straight white man! You're not trans!... That's so brave."

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